Every business and individual is at risk from terrorist attacks and not just in capital cities. A lone terrorist, armed only with a car or handheld weapon, may not cause widespread injury and property damage but, may still trigger significant financial loss.


You don’t need to be directly targeted to be severely affected. Terrorist attacks can cripple a much wider area: even if not directly affected, firms could face business interruption due to denial of access, loss of attraction, and the threat of further terrorism attacks.


In the global environment with the unpredictable nature of 21st century politics, the threat of political violence is becoming increasingly widespread. Incidents can have substantial consequences for an individual or a business’s assets and require specialised solutions.


The new Terrorism policy from Centrix offers insurance that protects businesses from the threat of Terrorism & Sabotage. Cover includes the following:

  • Capacity up to £10,000,000 any one location
  • Physical damage to property
  • Business interruption – including cover such as loss of profits and additional increased costs of working.
  • Non-damage or malicious attack events.

Target market

The following is not an exhaustive list but gives an indication of the types of risk we will consider:

  • Retail, Entertainment and Hospitality industries,
  • Professional service companies
  • Manufacturing and other trading risks
  • Commercial and Residential Property risks
  • Banks, Financial institutions and Lenders wanting security on loans.

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Business Development Manager
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